Light Therapy

The most common types of acne affect approximately 17 million teens and young adults in the United States, with the rare acne conglobata occurring in young men and acne fulminans–a severe form of acne conglobata–occurring in teen boys. And with this high of statistics, it is no wonder that Light Therapy is becoming a top choice for safe alternative acne health treatments.

It has been proven in several studies that blue and red light working together through Light Therapy, in specific wavelengths, have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect upon acne. The blue light at 415nm has an antibacterial effect, while the red light at 660nm acts as an effective anti-inflammatory. But so far, the USDA has approved only the narrow-band, high-intensity blue-light therapy for acne treatments with results.

The reason Light Therapy is so popular as a treatment for acne, as compared to the traditional antibiotics, is because if taken for a prolonged period of time the antibiotics can damage the lining of the gastrointestinal area of the body, in addition to exacerbating the very condition being treated. One study did a Light Therapy testing, showing that 50% of those who had severe acne problems demonstrated higher levels of toxins in the bloodstream. If this has occurred, attempt to replenish the microflora that has been wiped out due to the excessive use of antibiotics with a probiotic supplement, such as eating bananas.

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