Newly Developed Products

Newly Developed Light Therapy Products

Light therapy products are being offered in a very wide range of the latest developments, styles, and designs. This began since the latest research in light therapy has demonstrated a marked increase in the successful application of light therapy for all forms of depression, showing that light is actually a form of energy consisting of a stream of particles–or a wave of photons. Therapeutically proven to repair tissue and to control pain, light therapy products are fast becoming a chosen treatment for society in a world where traditional medicine is slowly being replaced or combined with successful alternative methods.

The light panel, photo rejuvenation, or light therapy probes are just a few of the latest light therapy products that are presently out in order to offer people variable ways to use light therapy for each person’s individual benefit. Single and full-spectrum lighting can be used in many ways–desk lamps, full-floor lamps, light shields, diode pads, backlights, LED infrared beds, deep penetrating lights for skin and wounds, dog acupressure with infrared light, animal infrared light, dawn simulators, and, blue light therapy devices.

Using a Light panel is a major part of light therapy products for seasonal affective disorder and many forms of depression. Offering a light therapy treatment to regain a feeling of happiness with a brighter outlook, these particular lines of light therapy products are extremely popular. A simple process, the individual sits in front of a lightbox with their eyes wide open–a small portable device with fluorescent bulbs and tubes for the light source. Different than the normal household lighting, a Light Panel offers an intensity of light that mimics outdoor light, which causes a biochemical change in the brain to relieve symptoms of depression.

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