Success Stories

This place is the best!
I am on my second session and wow! I've seen major improvements. Must try. The place is cool and the owner has great energy.

Steven T.


I have fallen in love with all the different benefits I've seen from my treatment at  LightPath to Wellness. The laser bed is such an uplifting experience.

Michelle A.


I recently bought 3 panels from LightPath.  Great prices and really good quality.

Kristy Johnsson


Scott and LightPath offer so many different ways to heal. I always come out feeling better than I do when I go in.

Amanda Wells


I noticed a significant decrease in pain on my shoulder when I was in bed. The lack of the normal level of pain actually caught me off guard. I feel a kind of awareness of my body that is different than my usual awareness... like a gentle low level vibration. I know that sentence barely makes sense, but it is the best description I can give at the moment. My eyebrow sinus also has a decrease in the normal pain level. It is all sort of gently startling. Lol



Hi Scott! I wanted to thank you again for receiving me yesterday at your office. The laser treatment you did on my knee was amazing. I was not expecting it but my whole leg felt better than ever when I got back home. I could feel a big difference between the leg you treated and the other one (which is supposed to be the good one but once the other leg was 100% pain free I noticed that the "good one" wasn't as good as a thought).

Rosa Martinez


I had the good fortune of finding Scott at LightPath to Wellness in the fall of 2019 as I was looking for photobiomodulation therapy to help treat the electromagnetic field (EMF) hypersensitivity that was wreaking havoc on my health. For several months prior, I had suffered from severe insomnia, nervousness, palpitations, fatigue, brain fog, and other symptoms that I had never even remotely experienced before and for which the physicians I had seen offered no diagnosis or solution. In fact the doctors I saw were universally dismissive when, through my own research, I discovered that my experience was in sync with reports from others who had also traced their symptoms to excessive EMF exposure (an interior-mounted smart meter and a close-proximity wifi router, in my case) and become sensitized. My self-diagnosis was cinched in my mind when, upon removal of the smart meter in my home and discontinuation of wifi, my symptoms immediately and dramatically improved; and slowly continued to improve as I learned how to shield my body from EMFs at home and out in the world. Prior to this illness, I had never heard of EMFs, much less EMF hypersensitivity, but it was the only thing I found that could account for my weird constellation of symptoms, a low white count (my only lab abnormality), and jived with my exposure history. So I set out to recover the rest of my health by trying whatever potential remedy for EMF hypersensitivity I could find, provided it was both safe and effective and had some convincing research to back it up, and didn't cost an arm and a leg.

Full disclosure, I am trained in both western and eastern medicine approaches, am a certified integrative health coach, and make much of my living as a medical writer; so I feel uniquely equipped and entirely comfortable navigating the medical literature, particularly as it pertains to my own puzzling health crisis. That western medicine does not yet acknowledge the existence EMF hypersensitivity in the US (they do in Europe) and had no clue how to treat it was not a deterrent for me.

The more I read and talked with people, the more I suspected that my symptoms-the debilitating fatigue and brain fog especially-stemmed from mitochondrial dysfunction on a cellular level, and also from something gone haywire in my central nervous system. I had read about the ability of red light therapy to improve mitochondrial health and function so I looked for a wellness center that offered full body treatments in or near NYC. Happily, I found LightPath and started a brief series of weekly treatments there under Scott's guidance. The experience was simple, pleasurable, pain free and took only 20 minutes or so from arrival to departure. Scott is clearly well trained, very knowledgeable and passionate about everything related to light therapy. He walks the walk of wellness and is committed to the success and wellbeing of his clients.

Today my energy and focus are back to normal and all of my symptoms have abated, with the exception of rare (less than once per week) palpitations when I have been on my cell phone too long or otherwise EMF exposed. I believe that the red light pod sessions I underwent at LightPath were integral to my recovery; and I sincerely hope that anyone who suspects that they might have EMF hypersensitivity protect themselves from further exposure and look into photobiomodulation therapy as a part of their interventional strategy. I highly recommend having the folks at LightPath on your wellness team. I am very glad I did.

Noelle Lake, MD, IHC


So grateful for this offer - I have a large family (16 children). 9 are still at home. Two of my married children have suffered for years with mold/Lyme, and a couple of my children still at home show the beginnings of the same. So, because of Scott's generous offer, we have ordered 3 tabletop lights! Each of my married children will be able to use them in their homes and also we will have one here at my house for our use, and for several friends with serious health issues that attend our church. Thank you, Scott!!

I want to thank everyone who responded to the post I made about needing help finding a panel for my parents after my brother's passing. I also want to recognize Scott Kennedy for his generosity to us:) They now have an awesome panel by LightPath, a panel by Scott, and they are loving it:) Scott, it is so nice to see them smile about having the panel to use. It's been a very rocky road with all that has happened, and we are still seeking closure in just obtaining a death certificate and cause of death for my brother. The light therapy is a huge distraction for them and it's a distraction that will is bringing them physical comfort and stress relief. Thank you! I can't thank you enough ?

Lindy Moore Dean: I'm so happy Scott connected with you. I found him so pleasant to talk to, very knowledgeable and your health is his first priority. Can't wait for your next update on the progress of your parents. ?

So glad to hear you were able to get in touch with Scott. He's a very gracious man and wonderful to work with. Good luck with your lights and your family's path to healing. Missy

Sandra Hopkins


I love it! Better than my Platinum 600.

Nancy Curran


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