Why LightpathLED

Why LightpathLED


Durability: The iron casing that surrounds our LED lights provides long term durability to the panel, ensuring consistency in your light therapy routine without interruptions because of need for repairs. Other panels use plastic or fiberglass which can warp and crack within a year, halting your treatment regiment for a period of time, possibly setting you back in your healing routine.

Bulb capacity: The powerful 5W capacity gives the panel extended life. Most others are using 1-3W capacity. Bulb life is over 50,000 hours which equals 2,083 days if left on continuously. That’s 50,000 hours dedicated to healing and rejuvenating.

Double chip: This is the only panel of its kind that has 2 diode chips per bulb. The purpose is to give greater overall coverage of the energy as well as increasing the life of each diode.


30-degree beam angle: The beam angle determines how focused the energy is on your target area. The smaller the angle, the more compact and focused the energy leaving the panel. Most panels are 60 and 90 degrees which means a lot of energy is lost into the air.

2.1W power per bulb: Each bulb in our panel contains 2 diodes equaling 2.1W power. This leads to a quicker session time. This allows you to fit your light sessions into your busy schedule without skipping a beat. Most other panels are 1-2W of actual output power. Low-cost panels are typically less than 1W, while the most expensive panel is only 1.5W.

Wavelength: With both 660 and 850 wavelengths, you get both superficial and deep energy. This is great for skin health as well as deeper tissue such as blood, lymph, muscle, bone, and even brain. Avoid panels that are only red unless your intentions are strictly to heal your skin.

Multiple wavelengths: With the “Multiwave Panel”, we have 5 different wavelengths: 2 are in the red spectrum and 3 are in the near infrared spectrum. As each wavelength has different penetrations as well as different affinities to tissue, the combo allows for even greater coverage and penetration. 60% of energy is in the NIR range which allows for deeper penetration.

Pulsing: Specific pulsing of the light has shown improved results over continuous wave light. With our “Pulsed Tabletop” we have incorporated the Nogier frequencies, which are 7 specific frequencies that synergize with the vibrations naturally emitted by our own healthy tissue. These frequencies target specific tissue types and ailments such as scar tissue, lymphatic stimulation, anxiety, cognitive function, ligament tears, etc. Pulsing can range from 1 to 9,999 per second. This is the only panel of its kind that incorporates pulsing.

Other wavelengths: We also carry panels with specific red/blue wavelengths. Blue is great for skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, etc.  Red is helpful to reduce inflammation and speed up healing of the skin. Our all green wavelength panel is used for hyperpigmentation as well as for its calming effects for migraines, anxiety, and depression.

3 Levels of Therapeutic Modalities

With 3 level options to choose from, we allow our clients to find the panel that best fits their therapeutic needs and their budget.

-Consumer consists of our high-quality red/nir panels in 4 size options. These compete with the high-end panels from the top competitors at a lower price point.

-Prosumer consists of our red/blue panels and multi-wavelength panels. You receive a panel more tailored to your needs at a cost equal or less than the top competitors.

-Professional is for experienced users and is unmatched by any other company, consisting of both multi-wavelength and pulsing. At a price point only slightly higher than the competitors’ red/nir panels, you are getting the absolute best panel at a great price point. If you are new to light therapy, I recommend purchasing a Level 1 panel and then taking advantage of the Trade Up program within 6 months to get the Level 3.


EMF rating: Electric and magnetic fields are all around us from cell phones and TVs to vacuums and hair dryers. The goal is to reduce EMF levels as much as possible. At 6 inches away from our panel, the EMF’s are 0. Many other panels, particularly the low-cost ones, have much too high levels. We have done extensive research into the safety measures that are necessary around EMF because your health and safety are our number one concern.

Flicker: This occurs when the light exiting the bulb is not consistent. Although usually not a problem, it can cause dizziness, headaches, even seizures in some. We have worked hard to ensure that our panel has 0 flicker. Most panels have some degree of flicker, even the high-cost ones.

Customer support

After purchase support: When you receive the panel, you will go to the website and schedule a 20-minute phone call with us to go over setup and how best to utilize your panel for your specific issues.

Warranty: We have the longest warranty on the market at up to 3 years. Most other companies, even with high priced panels, have only 1- or 2-year warranties covering their products.

Trade up: We are the only company that allows you to return your Level 1 Lamp, Mini, or Tabletop panel and put the full purchase price toward a Multiwave Pulsed Tabletop or Large. This is a great option for beginners who are new to light therapy or have a tight budget. You have an entire 6 months from purchase to trade up.


Modular: Panels can easily be attached (through a daisy chain) to create a larger panel.

Stand: You can now have your Tabletop or Large panel attached to a stand that will allow different positioning of the panel. It can hold the panel vertical, horizontal, and tilted so you can rest on your bed or a massage table instead of standing.