Healing Modalities of Using Red Light Therapy

Healing Modalities of Using Red Light Therapy

Monochromatic red light therapy is a powerful force, as it uses the red light to stimulate acupoints in the treatment of several diseases, followed by a gentle massage of the afflicted area. This can be many problem areas, such as shoulder pain, endocrine problems, diabetes, dysmenorrhea, depression, impotence, frigidity, the acupoints of the ear, and gastrointestinal problems.

A controlled study in 1990 at the San Diego State University School of Nursing, found that the effects of shining flashing red lights using special goggles focusing into the eyes of serious migraine sufferers could alter their migraine pain levels. The Red Light Therapy treatment began the instant the migraine would start, varying with different light intensities and the frequency of the flashing lights. Ninety-three percent of the clients said they had some relief, while 72% said the severe migraines were stopped completely within the hour.

Everything that is alive in the world is made of electromagnetic energy and vibrates at different frequencies. These frequencies correspond to sound, light, and color, with the colors consisting of frequency wavelengths. Red Light Therapy uses the primary red color of the ROYBGIV spectrum–colors of the chakra system of energy wheels, the human aura, the rainbow spectrum, and the electromagnetic energy field. The color that each person is drawn to is those which are needed to balance their lives on a subconscious level.

Using red in Red Light Therapy is the need to balance the body’s energy, vitality, and power in an imbalance system. To decrease cells for cancer, sores that are open or even wounds such as burn wounds, use this therapy to reduce pain. The afflicted area is lacking any circulation, which means it will be a cold area–so the color red will warm it and bring circulation into it. It is an extremely powerful healing agent for diseases of the blood and circulation. But Red Light Therapy cannot be used by those with high blood pressure or even panic disorder, or anxiety, as the color red is the root chakra. This is referred to as the first ray or the “flight or fight” area at the base of the spine, and too much red exposure will cause extreme agitation and aggression.

Remember that colors that are worn will affect moods of everyone involved–those wearing the clothing and those in the surrounding environment. There are many subtle bodies, or levels of consciousness, around each person, which are similar to the aura and chakra energies. The Eastern esoteric traditions emphasize only one while the Western esoteric traditions refer to a series of them, with each one being attracted to a certain color for a certain reason to balance the entire system:

  • Dense physical body
  • Etheric body
  • Astral or the emotional body
  • The concrete mind, or mental body
  • The abstract mind, or the causal body
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