NEW Diesel Line from LightpathLED

Introducing the new LighpathLED Diesel Line. Owner, Scott Kennedy, discussing the new product line features and comparing to the past model.

Diesel table top:

Diesel Large:

Diesel Shorty XL:

Diesel XL:

Red Light Therapy and Meditation

Meditation can be very beneficial for overall brain health as well as those suffering from brain/emotional issues. Adding light (photobiomodulation) can greater increase the benefits and make meditation easier.

Red Light Therapy for TMJ, Sexual Dysfunction

TMJ (jaw joint) pain, clicking, malocclusion can affect other parts of the body. Light therapy (photobiomodulation) can reduce TMJ inflammation and calm hypersensitive nerves.

Unboxing LightpathLED panels.

In this video I take you through the unboxing of the mini, tabletop, and large LightPath LED red light panels.

Link to purchase: