Shipping & Return Policy

Choosing the right panel can be a daunting experience. There’s a vast amount of confusing information available. We want you to feel comfortable that you've made the right choice without a full semester of education. 


Diesel Line: With hands-on assembly, high-end diodes, and an iron casing, we can confidently offer a 5 year warranty (2 years for Mini and Torch) against manufacturer defects. We make this simple: just contact us, securely box up the panel and send it to us. If it cannot be fixed, we will replace it with the same, or a product of equivalent value (if said product is no longer available).

CelLED Pads: 18 month warranty. 

Wellness Centers/Practitioners: 3 year warranty for Diesel Line (1 year for Mini).

CelLED Pads: 12 month warranty. 6 months warranty for Pro/Budget Series. 

1: This warranty covers manufacturer defects to panel and cables (accessories such as door hangers, mounts, hooks are not included).

2: User misuse or damage is not covered under warranty.

3: LightPathLED and LightPath to Wellness shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages.

4: To start the process, contact us. We will email you a return label. Securely pack panel in original box with packing material. Ship to us. Upon inspection and determination of manufacturer defect, we will fix or replace the item.

Closeout Product Warranty:

Pro/Budget Series: These products are the same high quality product we have always offered! We have them listed at a deep discount to make room in our fulfillment center as we get ready to offer a new line of panels. Because of the nature of these greatly reduced prices, these products will come with a 1 year Warranty (6 months for Mini).

Return Policy:

Diesel Line/Combo Line/iLED (pad wraps): We honor a 60 day return policy for these lines. This is from the date you receive your shipment. There is no restocking fee however, customers are responsible for the return shipping cost.

Pro/Budget Series/Torch: We honor a 30 day return policy. This is from the date you receive your shipment. We charge a 20% restocking fee and customers will be responsible for the return shipping cost. 


Typically we have all panels in stock and will mail them to your door within 2 weeks. There are certain items that require special ordering or may be on backorder. These may take up to 6 weeks for delivery. You will be notified promptly if a product ordered is on back order. You will be able to cancel an order if time is a concern.