Light Therapy

Light Therapy

Light Therapy

Light therapy, a holistic approach that promises to restores health at the cellular level with no toxins or side effects, is offering a bright option for people with health and beauty concerns. Among its many benefits are pain and inflammation reduction, enhanced athletic performance, improved mobility, increased recovery rate and effectiveness in treating stress, anxiety and depression, according to Scott Kennedy, owner of LightPath to Wellness in Fort Lee.

In addition, light treatments, which work by using an array of light-emitting diodes that send energy into skin layers, help reduce wrinkles, kill acne-causing bacteria, diminish sunspots and scarring, build collagen and elastin, and alleviate psoriasis symptoms.

Kennedy, a certified photobiomodulation practitioner and certified health coach with nine years of experience in dental laser/light energy, has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in science, so when he talks about light therapy’s effectiveness, he has the scientific background to give credibility to its almost too-good-to-be true claims.

“Although you may not have heard of light energy, it’s actually been around for over 40 years,” Kennedy explains. “It was first used on NASA astronauts to reduce the effects of bone and muscle atrophy caused by zero gravity. Since then, there have been over 4,000 laboratory studies and over 400 controlled trials focusing on the effectiveness of light therapy. It’s currently being used by the U.S. Olympic teams and professional sports teams, as well as thousands of hospitals and clinics around the world.”

He explains, “Light energy, at very specific parameters, is absorbed directly into the cells to help reduce inflammation and pain, speed up healing and repair damaged tissues. Different wavelengths of light and power affect both specific tissues and depth of penetration. In my office, I use seven different wavelengths at different powers to affect the body’s tissues.”

Kennedy’s commitment to light therapy is more than professional; it’s personal. He and his wife and business partner, Tiffany Richardson, started using light therapy on themselves and their family five years ago to treat chronic issues without relying on medications. “I suffered immensely from idiopathic peripheral neuropathy,” Kennedy explains. “It took me completely out of running and boxing for almost two years. After three months of light therapy, my symptoms decreased by 80% and I’m back to doing what I enjoy.”

“We decided to open this office in hopes of sharing this modality with our community,” he says. “If you’re battling health issues, if you’re an athlete looking to boost performance, if you’re struggling with constant aches and pains or if you’re looking to enhance your beauty by healing the skin, we invite you to join us.”

Light Path to Wellness offers full body light pod, face pod and spot deep penetrating treatments. With the former, treatment begins with 10 minutes on a vibration plate machine, which gets the circulatory and lymphatic systems flowing, and then 10 minutes in the full-body light pod, using red light and near-infrared light, known for their anti-inflammatory healing and ability to speed recovery properties. The face pod treatment uses a semi-enclosed light-emitting machine placed over the face for about 20 minutes to receive three energy wavelengths—blue, yellow and red light—to increase collagen and elastin, kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce fine lines. For clients with deeper problem areas such as sinuses, muscles, joints and bone, Scott applies spot treatment on affected sections with a light wand. No matter the treatment option, Scott recommends doing 10 sessions, as studies indicate significant outcome between 7-12 sessions.

Unlike ultraviolet tanning beds that can lead to premature aging and even skin cancer, or the burning potential of high intensity lasers, light therapy has no unwanted side effects and is safe to use for all ages and skin types, as well as those with pacemakers or taking medications, notes Kennedy, who has treated both male and female clients ranging from 8 to 80 years old.

He says, “Our goal to is to be an integral part of clients’ move toward a healthier, holistic lifestyle that allows them to continue to do the activities they enjoy without the constant aches and pains associated with age. Our therapies enhance the health regiment you already have in place.” He even gets referrals from holistic practitioners and trainers that have seen the impact light therapy can have.

Dee Holland, 48, decided to try light therapy after her yoga instructor recommended it. Dee had been experiencing pain and swelling in her left foot. “I don’t believe in taking medications and avoid it as much as possible. I have tried kinesiology, massage therapy, chiropractic, yoga, and have found that the light therapy has taken away inflammation and pain that the others treatments could not. Massage therapy is wonderful, but doesn’t have lasting effects. Light therapy worked for my foot pain and swelling after one session. I also feel rejuvenated inside and out after light therapy. Friends and perfect strangers tell me I look like I’m glowing and happy after going to a light session.”

“I’m a believer. I’m in. Light therapy is a hidden gem that I’m so happy to have discovered. I just wish I’d found this sooner,” adds Dee, who reports that she’s currently going once a week. “Scott offers your first session for free. This is how much he cares and believes in light therapy.”

“I felt comfortable with him and his level of knowledge and care,” says Ariana Aguero, 20, who recently saw Scott for her back pain and eczema. “I didn’t know anything about light therapy, but my mom suggested it. Feels as if we’ve tried everything else for my chronic issues, so this natural and apparently safe option was worth a shot. I’ve only gone twice, but felt better both times and really appreciated Scott’s genuine concern. He took his time to ask about me, my symptoms, what I was doing to combat them, what I might do differently, etc. He clearly wasn’t trying to pressure me or sell me more treatments. He’s the real deal—a healer who wants to do good.”

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