Positive Effects of Green Light on Health

Positive Effects of Green Light on Health

Those who suffer from chronic migraines and other forms of chronic pain should feel some relief in learning that green light has been found to help reduce pain levels in these individuals. Chronic pain can only be controlled so well by pharmaceuticals, and even then there are repercussions to using such medications to control pain long term.

There are a number of chronic medical conditions that cause relentless pain in individuals. Green light has been found to help alleviate that pain by increasing the levels of circulating endogenous opioids…” Meaning, green light helps to alleviate pain in the same way that pharmaceutical opioids do.

Along with providing pain relief, green light waves have also shown promise in elevating the moods of those who suffer from mood disorders like anxiety/stress or seasonal affective disorder. Many light frequencies can have a positive effect on mood and emotion disorders, but if an individual has chronic pain paired with their feelings of depression, green light may be their best choice.

One study was performed that concluded that rats responded less to painful stimuli when exposed to green light. In addition to this experiment, the rats were given a dose of Naloxone, a drug that reverses the effects of opioid drugs. Once this drug was given, the rats began to respond to painful stimuli again, as though the drug reversed the pain-relieving effects of green light.

Other studies that have been conducted on humans who suffer from migraine headaches have found that their pain dropped significantly when exposed to green light. Prior to exposure, their pain would rate 8/10. Once they would cross the threshold of green light, their pain was then reported at a 3/10. A significant drop from prior to green light exposure. Fibromyalgia is another chronic condition that green light is being used to help treat pain.

Living life in pain is not something that anyone should have to do, but unfortunately, there are chronic diseases out there that can cause relentless pain. Green light waves are a non-invasive and effective way to decrease chronic pain, virtually eliminating the need for pharmaceutical pain relief methods.

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