Positive Effects of Red Light on Health

Positive Effects of Red Light on Health

Rather recently, we have learned how to harness the unbelievable power of red light to turn back the clock on our biological age. There are endless benefits that red light can bring to the human body. These benefits range from eliminating blemishes caused by acne or overexposure to the sun, to lessening the effects of seasonal depression. All of which are backed by scientific data and real results.

Red light is one of the more popular methods of photobiomodular therapy but is not the only wavelength that has a positive effect on health. However, red-light does have the widest range of areas that it is able to affect positively. Infrared light such as the light from the sun is good for us in moderate doses. Red light waves, on the other hand, bring the benefits of infrared light without the harsh side effects. In fact, they are able to help reverse some of the effects that direct UV light can have on our skin over time.

As previously explained, red light emits fewer nanometers than NIR, making it far better for superficial therapies like for skin ailments. Red light’s 600-690 nanometers are powerful enough to assist in healing and rejuvenating, but gentle enough that no downtime is required after the harmless treatment sessions.

Positive Effects of Red Light on Health

Every cell in our body is powered by a microscopic power bank called mitochondria. These mitochondria are responsible for producing the cellular energy to allow our bodies to do normal day to day functions from eating and breathing to healing and recovering optimally. Red light gives our mitochondria a supercharge, allowing them to do their jobs as they normally would, but tenfold. The main job of our mitochondria includes taking the nutrients that we provide to our bodies and turning it into energy for the rest of our body. Without adequately functioning mitochondria, our body’s overall health can greatly suffer.
Supercharging your mitochondria with red light waves will allow your body to do things that you might not have even thought to be possible without spending thousands of dollars on creams or surgical procedures. Red light waves have the power to help your skin repair from years of sun damage, reduce visible scar tissue, and virtually wipe away years from the appearance of your skin.

The benefits of red light therapy go far beyond the skin. Red light waves promote increased circulation and can help decrease inflammation. Both of these are incredibly helpful for those who suffer from chronic illnesses, as decreased inflammation helps to soothe pain and allow for a return to normal daily activities. Not to mention, all body systems (lungs, heart, bones, etc.) all will benefit from increased circulation and decreased inflammation.

Our mitochondria power everything in our body, so if they are given a power boost from red light then it should come as no surprise that our whole body can reap the benefits. These benefits include, but are not limited to, a better night’s sleep, improved athletic performance, reduction in scar tissue, increased metabolism, and faster and better healing.

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