What are Nogier Frequencies?

What are Nogier Frequencies?

Back in the 1970s, a French neurologist named Paul Nogier discovered an array of light frequencies that the human body recognizes and utilizes to its benefit. From there, Nogier frequencies were born, and are still utilized for their medicinal benefits to this day.

Nogier’s discovery was based on his research on the effects of varying frequencies on the tissues of the body. He found that “sick cells” tend have vibratory characteristics that are different from that of the healthy tissues. As he furthered his studies on these natural frequencies, he found that healthy tissues tend to vibrate on a spectrum of seven unique frequencies. That being said, Nogier found that by exposing sick tissues to the natural frequencies of the healthy version of these tissues, healing would be provoked.

Nogier frequencies are the most popular pulse frequencies that are used in photobiomodulation treatments, especially for healing purposes. Depending on the specific Nogier frequency that is pulsing, there are various levels of healing that can take place. From the surface level of the skin healing to remediation of organs that lie deep within the body.

For instance, Nogier frequency 294hz is most beneficial for wound healing and other issues that are located on the surface of the skin.  Nogier frequency 587hz is great for treating lung and liver problems, as well as issues that may be within the GI tract. There are several other Nogier frequencies that provide benefits that range from the healing of physical flesh or alleviating pain, to lessening the effects of depression and other intolerable mood disorders.

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