Which Red Light Therapy Panel Should I Choose? LightPath LED

Which Red Light Therapy Panel Should I Choose? LightPath LED

Blue and Red Light Therapy Panels

LightPath LED offers combo red light therapy panels and devices (Diesel Combo XL, Diesel Combo XL Shortie, Diesel Combo Tabletop, Mini Combo) have blue added to each bulb. So each bulb has 3 diode chips: blue (450), red (670), and NIR (810).

In these panels, each bulb in the XL and XL Shortie have 3 diode chips, 2 NIR chips (both are 810) and 1 red chip (620 or 670), which means 66% of energy is dedicated to deeper penetration, yet plenty of red for skin benefits. With the red/NIR panels, mode 1: red only, mode 2: NIR only, mode 3: red and NIR. 

Benefits of Blue Light Therapy

There’s multiple positive attributes for adding blue light: For skin issues, blue is excellent for acne, psoriasis, eczema. It also increases collagen production, and can kill pathogens on the skin from cuts/scrapes.

Blue is excellent for balancing the circadian rhythm and aid in sleep. When used first thing in the morning, blue will reduce melatonin and increase serotonin. It will also benefit those suffering from depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), as well as cognitive issues, particularly when pulsed at 40hz. New research is also showing benefits for reducing hair loss and increasing hair strength.

Benefits of NIR and Red Light Therapy

Red and NIR also have many of these benefits, but adding blue can maximize the benefits. However, when blue is added to the bulbs, some power has to be taken away from the red and NIR bulbs, about 15%. That small amount of power can easily be made up by increasing the typical 15 minute session by around 2-3 minutes. The ratio of each bulb is 50% NIR, 25% red, 25% blue, so you’re still getting a dominance of NIR for deeper penetration of light. With the combo, you have mode 1: blue only, mode 2: red/NIR only, mode 3: blue/red/NIR. 

When is the Best Time for Red and Blue Light Therapy?

Generally, when used in the morning and afternoon, it’s best to use all wavelengths. But in the evening and night, it’s best to use just the red and NIR as we don’t want to decrease melatonin which could make sleep difficult. 

Which Red Light Therapy Panel is Right For You?

Choose a Red Light Therapy Panel if you Suffer from These Symptoms

If you don’t suffer from depression/SAD, or sleep issues, and your main concerns are deeper issues such as brain, bone, muscle, organs, lymphatics, you may choose to go with the red/NIR where more energy is dedicated to deeper penetration (about 15% more energy).

Choose a Red Light Therapy Panel with Blue Light Bulbs if you Suffer from These Symptoms

If you suffer with poor sleep or are are looking for hair and skin improvements, then choosing a red light therapy panel that has a combo of blue light therapy bulbs to improve these areas.

LightPath LED is here to Make the Difference in you

LightPath LED is here to assist you in your light therapy journey. We have panels and devices for every use case imaginable, even devices for your pet. Take a look and shop our full collection of red light therapy products today.
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