Relax & Rejuvenate

Simply standing in front of red light can activate your body's many systems to work more optimally for better overall health. Also, you may begin to feel less tension, more calm, relaxed, and have a better overall feeling of wellbeing. You may even sleep better and longer.

Weight Loss & Detoxification

PBM is beneficial to metabolism and can help in healthy weight maintenance. Researchers believe that light therapy affects cells that store fat by reducing specific proteins (CTRP7) associated with glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, and high triglyceride levels.


Pain Relief & Inflammation

Inflammation caused by injury or disease process can cause pain, as it is likely restricting blood flow to the area of injury. Not to mention interfering with the nerve pathways of the afflicted area. By reducing inflammation with Red Light Therapy, the blood flow of the injured site can return to normal, and nerve pathways will be relieved from the stress they were enduring.

Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Health & Immune

Our immune system is our most crucial defense system against bacterial and viral invaders that mean to do us harm, should they make it past our external defenses. We know that certain light waves can virtually reverse the effects of time on our skin, as well as heal and repair other areas of our body such as our brain, muscles, and even wounds.


Athletic Performance & Flexibility

Red light waves stimulate the creation of more ATP, which is the fuel for the mitochondria of our cells. This helps the cells in our muscles to perform longer and harder and to subsequentially recover faster after working your muscles.

Skin Beautification

What our skin does when Red Light waves are introduced, is amazing. Collagen and elastin, the framework for our skin's integrity and vitality, are both stimulated and start to replicate more readily. This increased production of collagen and elastin help to repair damages caused by UV light and other injuries.

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The way that the hormone-producing tissues respond to light waves is something scientists have been researching deeply for some time now. They've discovered that light has a profound effect on glands such as the pineal gland and thyroid gland, just to name a few. Hormones that have been found to be "boosted" by PBM  include serotonin, melatonin, thyroid hormones, and various sex hormones in both men and women.


Sunlight, we know, has one of the most significant impacts on our sleep schedule or ability to fall asleep. Would it be surprising to learn that light therapy can have a similar effect on our circadian rhythm? Studies have shown us evidence that PBM can help a person to essentially "reset" their circadian rhythm with light waves. This is helpful to those who suffer from insomnia or perhaps work nights and find it difficult to sleep such odd hours.



Light therapy or PBM (photobiomodulation) goes far beyond healing the skin and muscles. Our brains and cognitive function can both be significantly influenced by light waves. If PBM can have anti-aging effects on our skin, then why not on our minds too? Science tells us that certain light waves are powerful enough to penetrate through our skulls and directly affect the cells of our brain, on a molecular and cognitive level.

Anxiety & Depression

Research is beginning to lead us in the direction that points towards light therapy becoming a more prominent treatment for mental health disorders. These disorders may include seasonal depression, suicidal ideation, and potentially traumatic brain injuries.

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