Mini Red

Mini Red

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Mini Red

Mini Red

Regular price $259.00
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  • Bulbs: 16 (red and NIR in each bulb)
  • Wavelengths: 620, 670, 810 (3 modes: blue, red+near infrared, all 3)
  • 3 modes: 1-red only, 2-NIR only, 3-red and NIR
  • Irradiance: 83mw/cm2 at 3 inches
  • 0 EMF
  • Timer: yes
  • Pulsing: 40hz and off
  • Beam angle: 30 degrees
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Charge time: 3 hours
  • Running time: 2 hours
  • Included: Goggles, charging cable, manual


The NEW Diesel Mini takes “light therapy on the go” to a whole new level. With USB charging, the Mini allows you to use treatment anywhere at anytime. With 16 powerful pulsating bulbs, each containing red and near infrared light, you get both skin and deep tissue treatment. This is ideal for those treating for skin care as well as pain and inflammation. Charge it, carry it, light it up!

Available for the Trade up Program: Within 6 months of purchase, you can return for full purchase price to go towards any larger panels.


Dimensions: 6 × 4 × 1.5 in



Typically shipped out within 3 days of placement. You should receive your order within a week (lower 48 states). There are certain items that are special order or may be on back order. These can take up to 6 weeks for delivery. You will be notified promptly if the product ordered is on wait. You will be able to cancel an order if time is a concern.

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Diesel Mini 101:
With Founder Scott Kennedy

Most Light Coverage

LigthpathLED is the industry leader When it comes to quality and coverage

Most LEDs Per Square Inch
Largest overall size offerings
Most Light Coverage on the market

Diesel Mini Sizing

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How We Compare

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5 Year

2 Year

3 Year

3 Year

2 Year

Most Light Coverage per
Number of bulbs

Up to 336





Triple Chip

620 | 670 | 810

(Deepest Penetration)

660 | 850

620 | 660 | 810
850 | 880

620 | 670 | 630 | 660 | 830 | 850 | 810

660 | 850


Up to 675 Sq. in.





Cost per sq in.






Higher % of NIR

66% NIR

(Dedicated Deeper Penetration)

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Customer Reviews

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Hunter Grimaud
Very good

So far I'm impressed with this little thing, it's quite powerfull for its size and I like that each bulb has both NIR and red. The battery is also great but I haven't tested if it really lasts 2 hours, the product listing doesn't specify if 2 hours is with all LEDs on or only NIR or RED. For some reason I was expecting each bulb to have 3 LEDs (one for 620,670 and 810) but each bulb has only 2 LEDs (one for 810 and one for either 620 or 670). I also wish it had dimming, when I point it at my face (great for eye health btw) it's so bright I have to squeeze my eyes shut especially since the beam angle is so narrow that holding it farther away makes no difference. Because of that narrow beam angle I feel like I have to hold it 6-12 inches away for the light to really spread out. I'm being nitpicky but I feel thats justified for a $375 product. Anyway I'm very excited to bring this on my cruise next week for sunburn mitigation. I think the product is great but I hope they provide more information in the discription such as battery capacity, how much power from each wavelength, etc.