Diesel XL Shortie

Diesel XL Shortie

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Diesel XL Shortie

Diesel XL Shortie

Regular price $1,624.00
Regular price $1,624.00 Sale price $1,624.00
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Floor Stand




  • 15 inches wide
  • Pulsing: 10 Presets. Manual 1-9,999hz
  • 3 modes: 1-red only, 2-NIR only, 3-red and NIR
  • Irradiance: 74mw/cm2 at 12 inches (ideal for body)
  • 67% of energy is NIR for deeper penetration
  • Wavelengths: 620, 670, & 810
  • 0 EMF at 6 inches
  • Bulbs: 273 bulbs (3 diodes per bulb)
  • Size: 34in X 15in X 3in
  • Lens angle: 30 degrees -more focused energy
  • Includes door mount, goggles & remote
  • Stands: Floor, Stacked, Wall, Horizontal


Pulsing light has been used in wellness centers for over 20 years.  The latest studies have shown that pulsing light creates a new level of benefit above non-pulsed (continuous wave). Pulsing light increases cellular activity, activates ion channels, and creates a resonance with cells. With 10 presets as well as the ability to set any pulse between 1 and 9,999, and the ability to use continuous wave, pulsed Red Light Therapy facilitates the greatest healing capabilities.

At 15 inches wide (typical width of competitors is 9 inches), The XL Shortie Pulsed panel is ideal for whole body treatment. If you’re an athlete looking for quicker recovery or someone suffering systemic issues, this is the right one for you. Use on its own or connect it with a second XL Shortie (68 inches tall) or a XL panel to cover 77 inches tall. With 228 powerful red and NIR bulbs, you get both skin and deep tissue treatment. The 3 wavelengths have different absorption rates and target different cells, creating a greater overall treatment. And with 810 near infrared in every bulb, we are dedicating more energy and greater coverage than other similar products and reaching deeper tissue such as muscles, joints, bone, and brain cells.


Dimensions: 34 × 15 × 3 in

Weight: 27


Typically shipped out within 3 days of placement. You should receive your order within a week (lower 48 states). There are certain items that are special order or may be on back order. These can take up to 6 weeks for delivery. You will be notified promptly if the product ordered is on wait. You will be able to cancel an order if time is a concern.

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Diesel Shortie 101:
With Founder Scott Kennedy

Most Light Coverage

LigthpathLED is the industry leader When it comes to quality and coverage

Most LEDs Per Square Inch
Largest overall size offerings
Most Light Coverage on the market

Diesel Shortie Sizing

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How We Compare

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5 Year

2 Year

3 Year

3 Year

2 Year

Most Light Coverage per sq.in
Number of bulbs

Up to 336





Triple Chip

620 | 670 | 810

(Deepest Penetration)

660 | 850

620 | 660 | 810
850 | 880

620 | 670 | 630 | 660 | 830 | 850 | 810

660 | 850


Up to 675 Sq. in.





Cost per sq in.






Higher % of NIR

66% NIR

(Dedicated Deeper Penetration)

1 on 1 Call with owner
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Holistic health for people and pets!

I purchased my Lightpath LED panel a couple of years ago to help with some lingering bronchial issues. Not only did it help with that issue, I’m still actively using the panel everyday for overall health and wellness. My animals have also greatly benefitted from the red light. We all highly recommend Lightpath LED.

Laurie Marocco
Well built machine

After reading about what red light therapy can do for aging skin, I signed up for a one month trial at a tanning salon that offered facial and body RLT. It felt so good during dark and cold February that I was hooked. My choice was to pay the salon every month or buy my own device. I did my research and learned there are many benefits in addition to aging skin and many products to choose from. Listening to podcasts and watching videos helped me narrow down the choices. I chose the Diesel Shortie after watching an interview with Scott Kennedy and a couple of his videos. I’m 67 and went from looking for a mask to improve my skin to buying a quality panel with the strength to reach my bones to help my osteoporosis and everything in between.
My panel looks and feels well built. It’s easy to use and is a positive way to start my day.

Tamara Mathias
Great product

I started RLT with the Hooga panel and upgraded to the XL Deisel Shortie. It's the perfect size for me at 5"4. I sit in front and it gets full torso to top of head. The effects are very calming and I feel energised when using regularly. Highly recommend.

Diesel gets the job done for inflammation

As a clinician and health coach we often leverage various modalities to address inflammatory issues. Photobiomodulation is one of the biggest game changers in the last 5 years to assist in anti-inflammatory countermeasures. That said research has shown that not all wavelengths and frequencies are the same. Which is why the LightPath Diesel product family is such a great fit for our needs. It has the pulsing feature and the 810NM wave length in high concentration which important in addressing chronic inflammatory issues. While awaiting surgery for a torn bicep tendon one client noticed a 50% reduction in pain within 2 days of being treated with Diesel.

Wonderful news!
My previous models had 3 wavelengths in the NIR range, but with all the positive research showing that 810 penetrates deepest and best for cognitive health, there was no reason not to consolidate to just the 810.

The professional choice

I am a photobiomodulation fanatic. I've tested most of the devices and own a few too. When a few of my friends mentioned LightpathLED, I did some of my own research. I connected with the owner, Scott, and had a great conversation. When my unit arrived, I immediately could tell that it is well built. It's noticeably brighter than my other panels (which claim similar light output/irradiance), has the ability to pulse, features dual LEDs, and according to my meter, emits low nn-EMF. Great product! You can read more about why this has become my top-rated light therapy panel here: https://outliyr.com/best-joovv-alternatives


Wonderful Nick!
Always appreciate you spreading the word.