Pet Panel (Comes with: Infrared Pad & Torch. Crate not included)

Pet Panel (Comes with: Infrared Pad & Torch. Crate not included)

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Pet Panel (Comes with: Infrared Pad & Torch. Crate not included)

Pet Panel (Comes with: Infrared Pad & Torch. Crate not included)

Regular price $637.00
Regular price $1,274.00 Sale price $637.00
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The Pet Panel comes with 4 red light panels which surround the crate, infrared heat mat, timer, and pee pads (just in case of an accident), and a red light torch for spot treatments such as sore joints and cuts/scrapes. 

Light therapy has been used effectively on animals and humans for over 30 years. Animals suffer from many of the same health issues that we humans do, such as inflammation and pain, muscle tears, joint discomfort, cuts and infections, bladder and kidney damage, weakness and age related issues. Our pets are our family and we want to keep them healthy and happy for as long as possible, but their health can become very expensive and time consuming. Constant trips to the vet, therapy, tests, medications, creams, shots, as well as your time and energy can lead to financial and emotional stress.

Now with home use light therapy, you have the ability to give your animal a natural, side-effect free solution that reduces inflammation, increases energy, speeds recovery, boosts the immune system and even benefits mood at the cellular level. Since light therapy will benefit even the healthy, we don’t have to wait for an issue to arise to begin this daily routine.

Light therapy is already a staple for thousands of veterinarians around the world and has been practiced for over 30 years. Now you can finally do this in the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule. We include everything you need to make your life easier.

For just 30 minutes per day, 3-7 times a week, your pet will be able to relax comfortably in the pet cage surrounded by healing light as well as an infrared mat to add warmth to tight muscles and sore joints.



Infrared Heat Mat Specifications

  • Jade Tourmaline Heating Mini Mat
  • Dimensions: 23×16

Cage requirements: Metal Crate – Cage NOT Included

Recommend: Amazon 24 inch crate

  • Minimum length:24in
  • Minimum height:19in
  • Minimum width:17in

Recommend: Amazon 30 inch crate

  • Max length:30in
  • Max height:21in
  • Max width:19in

(Red Light Panels x4, Infrared Heat Mat, Timer, 10 pee pads)



Weight: 25


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Customer Reviews

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Kristen Lawrence
We love the pet crate with red/nir light

My dogs have been using this pet crate for a few months and they absolutely do t mind at all going in and staying for some time
My older boy is almost 10 and has spondolysis and this has helped him with his range of motion and pain levels

Definitely recommend using this for your pets

Always great to hear when the little ones are improving. We truly know it's working when we see it in our pets. My cats do it everyday and my old cat can now jump onto chairs and beds where she couldn't for the last 2 years.