Stacked Diesel XL & XL Shortie

Stacked Diesel XL & XL Shortie

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Stacked Diesel XL & XL Shortie

Stacked Diesel XL & XL Shortie

Regular price $3,444.00
Regular price $3,444.00 Sale price $3,444.00
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Maximize the therapeutic benefits of red light therapy with our exclusive 10% Savings Bundle, featuring the Wall Stand equipped with 1 Diesel XL and 1 Diesel XL Shortie. This premium setup is specifically designed for wellness centers catering to individuals over 6 feet tall, ensuring that every client experiences optimal coverage and effective treatment.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: The combination of a Diesel XL and a Diesel XL Shorties red light therapy panels provides extensive red light therapy, covering large body areas efficiently.
  • Space-Saving Design: The wall stand design allows for professional installation, creating a streamlined look that maximizes treatment space without sacrificing functionality.
  • Ideal for Taller Individuals: This setup ensures that clients taller than 6 feet receive full-body light exposure, from head to toe.
  • Durable and Stylish: Built to last and designed to impress, this stand and panel combo enhances any wellness facility with its modern aesthetic and robust construction.
  • Perfect for health centers aiming to provide exceptional care with cutting-edge technology, our Wall Stand with 1 Diesel XL and 1 Diesel XL Shortie is at the forefront of red light therapy treatments.


Experience the power of advanced red light therapy with the Diesel XL and Diesel XL Shortie panels, now available with a versatile vertical stand. These state-of-the-art red light therapy panels are designed to deliver unparalleled treatment flexibility and efficacy, making them ideal for both home and professional use. Whether you're looking to enhance skin health, accelerate recovery, or alleviate pain, these panels offer a comprehensive solution.

The Diesel XL is perfect for full-body treatments, featuring an expansive array of powerful red and NIR (Near Infrared) bulbs that penetrate deeply to target muscles, joints, bones, and brain cells. Its companion, the Diesel XL Shortie, is tailored for more localized therapy but packs the same potent light technology into a more compact form, making it ideal for focused areas such as the face, neck, or specific joints.

Both models come equipped with our robust vertical stand, ensuring easy and adjustable placement for maximum coverage and convenience. The stand's design allows you to position the panels perfectly to target specific treatment areas effectively.

Key Benefits:

  • Versatile Treatment Options: With settings for both full-body and localized therapy, these panels adapt to your specific red light therapy needs.
  • Advanced Light Technology: Equipped with a combination of red and NIR light, the panels promote healing, reduce inflammation, and stimulate collagen production for comprehensive health benefits.
  • User-Friendly Design: The vertical stand included with each panel provides flexible, easy-to-adjust support for optimal light exposure at home or in clinical settings.

Perfect for athletes seeking faster recovery, individuals managing chronic pain or skin conditions, and anyone interested in preventative wellness, the Diesel XL and Diesel XL Shortie with Vertical Stand are your best choice for achieving health and vitality through red light therapy.





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660 | 850


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